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    What are Facebook Ads?

    Facebook Ads are adverts created by businesses on Facebook using their Facebook business page. These ads are paid for with a specific media budget by the business and can appear on news feeds on Facebook desktop versions and mobile versions, as well as on the ads columns on Facebook desktop versions.

    Facebook is the biggest social network right now

    Facebook is becoming an increasingly common platform for people to advertise and market the business. With over 2.4 billion active users every month, Facebook is the world's biggest and fastest growing social media channel. Local businesses therefore use this to their advantage - advertising on Facebook will help them reach a much larger and wider audience, in lesser time.

    Make the most of Facebook and it's user base

    The benefits of Facebook advertising for businesses are endless. Facebook advertising can particularly help small businesses who are just starting out, make their business visible to new customers, and build awareness of their brand. But Facebook advertising is not to do much more than that.

    People spend a large amount of time on Facebook

    Facebook is the most popular social media platform today and if you think about it all your potential customers could be online right now checking their Facebook pages. Research has shown that the average adult in the US spends a minimum of 40 minutes on Facebook every day. This is what makes Facebook an incredible platform to advertise as you can be sure that that your ad will be seen by your audience daily enabling the people who maybe voluntarily or involuntarily looking for the products and services you offer reach out to you through your ad.

    Are Facebook Ads effective?

    Facebook ads are absolutely effective. Facebook offers some of the most highly targeted ad options on their advertising platform enabling businesses to make the most out of it and reach their existing and potential audience. Their ad formats also have the lowest cost per click advertising available on the internet today.

    Targeted advertising made easy

    One of the reasons why businesses love advertising on Facebook is because the social media platform has the ability to show your ad to the specific audience you want to target. Not all businesses cater to people of all ages, genders, races, interests, nationalities etc. and so Facebook gives you the opportunity to narrow down your demographic to the exact audience that are most likely to benefit from the products and services you offer.

    Knowing your customers is crucial

    Facebook lets you create multiple audiences on parameters of location, gender, age, interests, language, relationship status, work, education, page activity and so much more. This allows you to create a specific audience every time depending on the type of ads you choose to publish.

    Facebook advertising is fast and cost-effective

    Due to the nature of social media and Internet speeds these days, advertising on Facebook is fast and costs almost nothing. It allows you to reach thousands of people in a day in just a click of a button. Wallet cost around $11 per inch for advertising space in a local newspaper, for just $5 Facebook allows you to advertise your entire ad no matter its size to an audience off 900-1000 a day.

    Facebook helps increase brand visibility

    Facebook advertising is a great way to repeatedly showcase your brand to your audience. Building brand awareness is crucial to building trust among your customers. The more people are made familiar with what your business has to offer, the better chances of people clicking through your ads and reaching out to you when the time comes for them to make a purchase.

    Grow your brand visibility 24x7

    Your brand visibility on Facebook can also contribute to off-line sales. When trust is built after increase brand awareness online, people are likely to go further than just see your ad on Facebook. For example they they may be likely to check out your website and get directions to your business if they like your solution.


    Helps stimulate traffic to your website

    Running website campaigns on Facebook are a great way to engage customers and lead them to your website. For example, a Facebook advertisement with a call to action that involves a click to your website is a great way to increase customer traffic to your website. While you can advertise your website in many other ways, the precise and inexpensive nature of advertising on Facebook makes it a more effective place to advertise than others.

    Drives revenue to your business

    Social media platforms are sometimes considered to be a source of entertainment, a recreational activity that people sometimes waste a lot of time engaging in. But for you as a business, leveraging the amount of time that people spend on Facebook can actually be beneficial in driving sales and revenue for your business. Researchers also show that businesses who solely have an online presence, and know how to effectively advertise on social media, have done equally well compare to businesses who have a physical presence and get their revenue through non-virtual sources.

    Do Facebook Ads work better than Google Ads?

    Facebook ads and Google ads can differ in how they target people on the internet. Google usually targets audiences based on what individuals are searching for at the moment such as their keywords and also their demographics. Facebook, on the other hand, targets people based on interests that they have on their profile pages. These interests stem from their ‘likes’, ‘interests’ they have added, and demographics from 3rd party data.

    Your brand visibility on Facebook can contribute to off-line sales

    When trust is built after increase brand awareness online, people are likely to go further than just see your ad on Facebook. For example they they may be likely to check out your website and get directions to your business if they like your solution.

    What's the best type of Facebook Ad?

    There is no single ‘best type’ of Facebook ad. But there will always be a specific ad format that is the best fit for your business based on the nature of your business and the products that services offered by your business. As an agency with Facebook experts, we can analyze your brand and determine the best Facebook ad format for your brand.

    How can Facebook ads help me?

    Facebook ads come with a lot of benefits that can help businesses who are looking to expand their audience and their reach. Facebook allows you to micro target your audience and gives you robust analytics that will help you understand your audience which can further improve your future ad campaigns.

    Ensures constant engagement with your customers

    Advertising on Facebook not only helps you build strong relationships and communication with your yet-to-purchase-from-you customers, but also helps engage customers who have previously bought from you and also those who are in the middle of their purchase decision. Facebook allows you to re-market to those who have visited your website but have not converted, by gently nudging them with your ad on their Facebook page.

    Analyze your marketing efforts in real-time

    Facebook allows you to see how your advertising and marketing efforts or tracking in real time. This gives you an insight into what strategies are working and what need more improvement allowing you to make changes along the way. Even if you have planned to run a campaign for a month, and halfway through see that it's not producing the results you were expecting, Facebook allows you to make changes immediately - whether it is dropping the campaign entirely or altering it to drive better results.
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